‘Stories are memory aids, instruction manuals and moral compasses.’ – Aleks Krotoski

What I offer in education:

  • Development and project management of innovative storytelling for education goals.
  • Tools include workshops, activity kits, presentations and published books.

Previous education projects:

  • Development, writing, research and of two modules for a university-accredited course on bookselling: under the auspices of SABA – South African Booksellers Association.
  • Afrisam and the Architects Association of South Africa: This project translated an adult exhibition on sustainability into a child-friendly accessible education project
  • Creation of self contained crafts kits for children, aimed at bringing brand values and products to life.  Examples:
    • Cool Craft Company range of book inspired crafts, based modern classics for children
    • Wilderness Safaris’ Rocktail Bay Lodge in KwaZulu Natal: ‘crafts for a rainy day’.



‘There is so much more to books than the reading.’ Maurice Sendak

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