‘Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.’  – Robert McKee

What I offer in course development:

  • Identification of key trends and interest topics that fit an organisation’s brand, работа в спб messaging and ethos
  • Research, development and compilation of course material (both written and oral)
  • Engaging presentation of material in both oral and written formats

About my courses

What Makes a Good Life?  

Lots of time spent in bookstores means that I rub shoulders and walk the shelves with the contemporary thinkers and writers of today. If you want to know what a society is thinking and feeling, the shelves of the local bookstore can tell you!

One of the most prevalent themes in these books and on people’s lips is ‘how to live a good life’. We explore these ideas in the context of Torah and Jewish thought. Do we agree with them? Do we like them? Which resonate with us more? There are books that lend 21st language to ancient Torah wisdom, and there are books that challenge preconceived thoughts and beliefs. Many raise more questions.

The voices, ideas and personalities explored include, from a Torah perspective: Torah text, Rav Kook, Rabbi Akiva, Targum, Rav Soloveitchik, Rabbi David Nossel, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Erica Brown and others; and from a general perspective: Brene Brown, Sheryl Sandberg, Jordan Peterson, Viktor Frankl, PedramShojai, Rolf Dobelli and more.

Feedback on course ‘What makes a good life?’ , a course developed and presented in collaboration with the Emunah Ladies Beit Midrash:

‘Batya’s authentic search and voice makes her someone to watch.’

‘My treat every Monday was to attend Batya’s Good Life course. What a way to start the week!’


Signs, Symbols and Songs

We live in a short cut world. Symbols like emojis have become a 21st century hack that allows us to make snap decisions and even speedier judgements.

But can you really encapsulate complex ideas and layered meaning in one icon? Is it a https://www.fr.medadvice.net/keto-body-tone dangerous thing to do?

This course explores so called ‘Jewish’ symbols – their origins, their application, and their current meaning. We investigate the symbolic power of Jewish visual icons, songs, poetry, badges of shame, flags, language and delve into their relevance for today’s world.  We reflect on how some endure and others not, and how a mere symbol can come to represent not just a present, but 2000 of Jewish identity.

Feedback on Signs, Symbols and Songs, a course developed and presented for The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning (adult education):

‘Batya’s presentation was truly awesome. Despite being very tired, I hung onto every word she said. She was extremely knowledgeable and comfortable with her subject, and she led the discussion in a very motivating way.’

Simcha clips

Being Human in the 21st Century – coming soon – Learning to live in the 21st century forces us to confront what it means to be human. We will explore this, and identify five specific areas in which to celebrate and elevate our humanity and humanness.

Channuka– the miracle you thought you knew


‘There is so much more to books than the reading.’ Maurice Sendak

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