‘The book business is the business of life.’   – George Whitman

What I offer businesses, in general and in the book industry

  • Ghost writing, compiling, editing and project management
  • Proposals, tenders, annual reports or other marketing material
  • consulting and ‘backstage support’ to publishing divisions работа в спб within companies
  • relief contracts to allow for sabbaticals and maternity or extended staff leave
  • corralling and coordinating various book industry players to participate in multi-industry partnerships
  • write my essays buy research papers

  • exploring ways to use storytelling to convey brand concepts, enhance positioning and strengthen messaging.

Previous Book Industry Partners


  • 13 years at Exclusive Books Head office
  • grew from 9 Exclusive Books stores to over 50
  • evolved the Exclusive Books name into a fresh, relevant and internationally recognized brand
  • Multiple award-winning campaigns (Loeries, Cannes) such as Homebru – a celebration of South African writing
  • The Harry Potter Experiencewrite my essays buy research papers
    • An experiential, interactive journey into Harry Potter’s world at Montecasino
    • 30 000 visitors over a three week period
    • R4 million worth of publicity generated
  • rebranding and repositioning of 50 Van Schaik Academic book stores on University campuses and the high street.
  • Skoobs Theatre of Books for general marketing and merchandising


Previous General Industry partners:

  • Wilderness Safaris: Editing and proofing of Wilderness Holdings Integrated Report and sustainability Review.
  • Ndalo Media: ‘Backstage’ consultation and content management for Ndalo Media’s newly established book publishing division
  • Breinstorm: Using words to bring to life brand values, this project (with Breinstorm Brand Architects and the Johannesburg City Library) educated learners on environmental sustainability for Afrisam and the Architects Association of South Africa.


‘There is so much more to books than the reading.’ Maurice Sendak

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